Taking place in the mid-1990s in Freedom City, several years after the demise of the Centurion, the Freedom League membership is pretty much just the PCs, with the older members in semi or total retirement. The League’s greatest enemy, Omega, is no longer a concern. Due to the Centurion’s heroic sacrifice, Omega was beaten back into the Terminus, severely weakened by the tremendous energies unleashed during that last fateful struggle. But, other enemies and villains abound.

And, now, the League feel’s their loss most keenly. A daily reminder resides in their headquarters, as a small flashing sensor has lay dormant since the Centurion died. Centurion’s powers were the result of exposure to various cosmic energies as an infant; as a result, his body produced Zeta radiation, the only source of this specific kind of energy on earth. Zeta energy is harmless and undetectable without special equipment. The Freedom League’s Zeta detector has been silent since 1994.

And, now, a new potential member, a cyborg approaches …